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MA-CHMINACA is also synonymous with AMB-CHMINACA is an indazole-constituted synthetic designer cannabinoid having properties related to full agonists and it is also considered to be a strong agonist of CB1 receptors. It is listed as a purely research chemical. We offer pure MA-CHMINACA 99.9% with free shipping.

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Chemistry of MA-CHMINACA

The chemical formula of MA-CHMINACA is “N-[[1-(cyclohexylmethyl)-1H-indazol-3-yl] carbonyl]-L-valine, methyl ester”. The molecular weight of this drug has been calculated to be 371.5 g/mol and the purity of this substance in its purest forms has been calculated to be approximately equal to or greater than 98%. The molecular formula for MA-CHMINACA is C21H29N3O3. MA-CHMINACA is primarily a solution in acetonitrile.

The recommended storage temperature for the drug is 20°C while the stability of the molecule of this drug is known to be equal to or greater than two years.

What is MA-CHMINACA used for?

MA-CHMINACA is a research chemical and has been actively used for research purposes and scientific studies. It has been widely used as biochemical in forensic science, toxicology and neuroscience. It has also found applications in Mass spectrometry as a research chemical.

The drug is extensively used as pain killer or an analgesic substance which was the purpose for which it was initially produced. The drug acts on peripheral and central nervous system in order to cause mitigation in pain caused due to any reason. The drug is usually used as a sedative for muscle pain by people who are suffering with long term illnesses or temporary illnesses which cause long term pain in muscles. This drug may also be used for stress reduction and memory relocation. It causes psychological impact of wellbeing in people and is known to enhance the creative capabilities of people. It has also been used by people for recreational purposes.

The drug has wide ranging applications and has been used by both researchers and common people. The drug is primarily listed as a research chemical and intended to be used for forensic applications. It is also intended to be used as analytical reference standard.

Effects of MA-CHMINACA

The drug can cause a range of positive and negative effects. The positive results include feeling of wellbeing and pain relaxation in people while the negative effects on the other can cause death in severe situations. A number of death cases have been registered in relation to the excessive use of synthetic cannabinoid. The negative effects of the drug also include dry mouth; Redding of the eyes and the increased heart rate.

The drug also associates cognitive effects as it can cause dysfunctional behavior in body’s ability to perform normal functions by affecting the motor nerve functions. It can also cause short term memory loss by impacting the hippocampus region in the brain.

The impurities in drug can also cause toxicity.

Dosage and Over-Dose of MA-CHMINACA

The drug has to be administered as per the prescription from medical expert as it is commercially sold as research chemical only.

The greater dose can cause the full range of effects but come with adverse side effects as well which include serious injury or death in severe conditions.

Legal Status of MA-CHMINACA

The production, supply and possession of the drug is controlled in majority of the countries around the world and is only commercially sold as a research chemical.

The drug was banned in Singapore as of 2015.

Where can you buy MA-CHMINACA?

Pure and high-quality of MA-CHMINACA is supplied by our online drug store worldwide and at a very affordable price to labs, pharmacies, research centers and individuals.

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